HoltTollett, P.C. sets itself apart from other POA law firms by prioritizing client communications, delivering positive outcomes, and focusing on practical solutions to Association matters. “Results & Responsiveness” is not just a slogan, it’s our business model and our commitment to you, the client.

We understand that board members are volunteers and that community managers are busy! Our goal is to make your job easier. HoltTollett, P.C. meets that goal by serving as a part of your team. Each client has a single point of contact with our firm, our status reports are straightforward, and we back up our work with real-time collection data.

Don’t just take it from us, here’s what our clients have to say:


“Excellent collection rate…”
HoltTollett has always kept an excellent collection rate for all of my accounts. They are awesome!
Brandi L.

“Provides regular status reports…”
I have been president of our homeowners association for nearly twelve years, and I had come to accept that a law firm was a necessary evil that would fight with me every step of the way. We switched to HoltTollett this past fall, and now suddenly we have a partner! HoltTollett has helped us to resolve both collections and deed restriction violations with professionalism, and open, helpful communication. I used to have to request a status report to get my old attorney to remember to work our case. HoltTollett provides regular status reports and informs me immediately if unexpected changes occur. I used to be treated like a nagging dolt whose opinions were immediately dismissed without consideration. HoltTollett treats me with respect and dignity, and uses my experience and insight as a tool to achieve a more satisfactory result. I couldn’t be a happier client, I just wish that I had found HoltTollett years ago so that I could have avoided all the years of frustration! HoltTollett is truly a godsend! … Thank you so much!
Mona H.
Board President

“The best in the business…”
I have worked with HoltTollett, P.C. for over 15 years and I would definitely recommend them to any Association for collections. HoltTollett, P.C. and their staff possess all the great qualities that you look for in a law firm – integrity, honesty and accountability. If you’re looking for results, HoltTollett, P.C. is the best in the business….period.
Robert R.
Collections Supervisor

“Great success in collections and enforcing deed restrictions.”
HoltTollett is inexpensive, strong communicators (they would have called and spoken to me or emailed before final foreclosure), good shields – they never put board member names on documents, and they work with an enormous amount of integrity rooted in Christian principles. I have move all of my associations to this law firm and have experienced great success in collections and enforcing deed restrictions.
Rudy T.

“Good success rate…”
HoltTollett is an excellent law firm specializing in property owner associations. Their office is very knowledgeable with the laws and has a good success rate at collecting on delinquent maintenance assessment accounts. The staff is a pleasure to work with!
Connie N.

“98% collected…”
have a community that had a huge amount delinquent which seemed impossible to collect. It felt like we were just going in circles with the same people remaining on every status report with very little change. When we switched law firms to HoltTollett we saw immediate changes and funds began to come in. It took several years, but we ended up 98% collected on the current delinquencies – very exciting!
Terrie B.

“Gets things done!”
It is nice to finally work with a law firm that gets things done!
Britnee S.

“Our Associations have benefited greatly…”
I appreciate HoltTollett’s high standard of professionalism and result based efforts. Our Associations have benefitted greatly from the collection efforts provided by HoltTollett. The Firm is always quick to respond to my requests and goes above and beyond to ensure my requests are handled in a timely manner. I would strongly recommend HoltTollett to anyone seeking legal services.
Annette E.

“I came to the best.”
The Board has given me authority to choose an Attorney to provide the opinion, so I came to the best.
Kathleen T.

“Highly professional and competent.”
As an HOA that experienced major fraud by our management company, we were thrown into a frightening whirlpool of the unknown with federal, state, law and bank authorities, CPAs, insurance companies, etc. – and finding we had no accurate records and barely any money. Russel Holt and his staff have been invaluable through this process. They’ve always been highly professional and competent. But they are also decent, caring, and supportive real people and this has meant a lot. You don’t find this combination much anymore. They’ve been instantly available for everything we’ve needed and provided us big shoulders to lean on which we needed desperately. I can’t imagine how more horrible this situation could have been without HoltTollett.
Sherry O.

“Status reports are always prompt and current action is noted…”
I have worked with Holt & Young for a number of years and am always impressed that responses are quick and accounts are worked on consistently. Status reports are always prompt and current action is noted which helps make the next step easier to understand for board members. Consistent action and high collection rates makes my job as a manager more efficient and provides the Association quality service.
Mary B.

“Great job!”
You guys are doing a great job! Another law firm had these accounts for years with no luck!
Staci V.

“Setting new industry standards…”
I highly recommend HoltTollett, P.C. to any community association. Their professionalism and aggressiveness is superior to other firms. Their knowledgeable staff help resolve issues and get collection accounts settled. They are setting new industry standards each day!
Martha P.

“The result is outstanding.”
Just want to say thank you for going above and beyond the call of duty. The task was way beneath you, but you took it and ran. The result is outstanding. Thank you so much for all of your hard work. I enjoy working with you.
Jared G.

“Worth its weight in gold.”
It’s really the greatest gift in the world having such a wonderful firm… your work is worth its weight in gold.
Laura H.

“Thank you…”
Thank you for the great job you and your staff do on collections for my communities.
Brenda A.


“I would and do recommend the firm…”
It is and has been a pleasure working with HoltTollett over the years. When questions need answers – they provide them quickly and professionally. When problems arise – they are right there with me to help resolve my Association and non-compliant issues. When the collections of assessments, fees, or fines are the issue – the members of my HoltTollett team work diligently to bring about resolution. I would and do recommend the firm of HoltTollett – they are a pleasure to work with.
Doreen S.

“Respects my time.”
I truly appreciate the fact that if the person I usually deal with is not there and I need some information, someone will cheerfully and willingly find that information for me. It shows that HoltTollett respects my time.
Joanne T.

“Very responsive to our clients’ needs.”
I have been working with HoltTollett for several years. Their office is always professional and very responsive to our clients’ needs.
Michael B.

“Proactive attitude toward their clients.”
The firm of HoltTollett has a proactive attitude toward their clients. Moreover, HoltTollett focuses on keeping the lines of communication open to provide the most efficient, effective service for its clients.

Angela B.
Project Manager

“Very responsive and attentive…”
have been very pleased with the services that HoltTollett has provided. They are very responsive and attentive to any inquires that I may experience. They have been a pleasure to work with!
Stephanie C.

“The Firm has the best interest of the Associations…”
The entire staff at HoltTollett P.C., is very courteous and are responsive to the many inquiries I may encounter, which makes me feel like a valued client. The communication between myself and your staff is phenomenal; but more importantly, the firm has the best interest of the Associations they represent, at heart. I recommend HoltTollett P.C., to any Homeowner’s Association that is in search for a knowledgeable law firm. It’s just two simple words people use all the time, however, I mean them with all seriousness and meaning….Thank You!

Rachel R.
Accounting Manager

“I highly recommend this firm…”
HoltTollett handles all of our Property Owner Association issues in the Houston area. They are efficient, responsive, and provide excellent customer service to myself and my staff. Russel Holt is fantastic to work with. I highly recommend this firm for your Property Owner Association’s legal issues.

Pauline S.
Manager of Financial Services

“Staff is always available…”
HoltTollett always provides exemplary service and the staff is always available to answer questions and offer solutions to complicated collection matters. Their professionalism and dedication to doing their jobs well makes my job easier and I recommend their services to all the communities we manage. I look forward to our professional relationship continuing for many years to come.

Jessica S.
Financial Services

“They are knowledgeable, attentive and responsive.”
I want to thank Russel Holt, James Young and their invaluable team of people who have assisted me, my company and my property owner associations with legal services for over a decade. They are knowledgeable, attentive and responsive. I would not hesitate to recommend their services.

Patricia P.

“Always available for me and the Board Members.”
I have worked with HoltTollett for over fourteen (14) years with my various communities. I have found them to always be available for me and the Board Members. The paralegals that they assign to you are very knowledgeable and always follow through on the accounts.

Ola G.

“Keep my Board of Directors up to date every month…”
I am very impressed with how you are able to keep my Board of Directors up to date every month with a complete status report. It is always a pleasure to have such professional advice on the legal matters that are presented to our Board of Directors.
Michael H.

“Quick response time and follow up…”
The staff at HoltTollett are friendly and efficient. I appreciate the quick response time and follow up that is part of their culture. It is a pleasure working with them.

Mary G.
Account Maintenance Representative

“Staff has always been very helpful…”
I have been working with HoltTollett personally for over 5 years and during that time their staff and services have been great! Their staff has always been very helpful, responsive and professional. Their professionalism and knowledge on Associations has been an asset to me and our clients.

Drew J.

“Excellent support…”
I want to express the gratitude of our Board of Directors as well as myself for the excellent support that we have received from HoltTollett, P.C.

John B.

“Quick and comprehensive responses…”
I appreciate your extremely professional and helpful staff members! I always get quick and comprehensive responses to everything, no matter who I send it to – no issue is ever too big or too small – you guys are the best!

Linda M.


I personally appreciate each of you for all the assistance you provide me on a daily basis. I highly recognize your firm for all the knowledge and hard work you spread to us at PMG. Thank you again SO MUCH for being a FABULOUS TEAM!!!!! Also, please, please extend my gratitude to everyone in your office from me.
Demetra T.
Accounting Representative

“Benchmark for homeowner association attorneys.”
HoltTollett’s dedication to friendly, personalized client service and professionalism stand as the benchmark for homeowner association attorneys. After 30 years experience in property and homeowner association management I heartily recommend HoltTollett, Russel Holt and James Young as their expertise in assessment collection, deed restriction enforcement and covenant knowledge is unsurpassed in the industry.
Lucie V.

“Willingly gone the extra mile…”
Thank you for your expert guidance. Through the years your firm has willingly gone the extra mile for us with compassion and understanding. You make it happen and we are grateful.
Donna B.

“THE one.”
If you are looking for legal representation for your Property Owner Association, then HoltTollett is THE one. They are very thorough, meet all our needs, and our property owners have never complained about them!
Dawn H.

“Knowledgeable about all aspects of Association Law.”
I have worked with HoltTollett for nearly ten (10) years and during that time have found them to be responsive and helpful and knowledgeable about all aspects of Association Law. I recommend them to any Association looking for a good law firm.
Sandy M.
Team Leader and Community Manager


“Not sure what I would do without you…”
You guys are so good to me, not sure what I would do without you, hopefully I will never find out.
Tami M.

An asset to my business…
I love working with HoltTollett. They are a joy to work with and they always make me feel as though I am their only client, even though I am not. Our working relationship is such that they are literally an extension of my business and that is not something you experience every day. They are an asset to my business and they take very good care of their clients.
Lynn M.

“Excellent reputation…”
I could not be more pleased with the professionalism and work ethic displayed by everyone who works for HoltTollett, PC. This firm has an excellent reputation for handling all legal matters for Community Associations in the Houston area.
Kim M.
Branch Manager

“Professionalism and courtesy and prompt service…”
In working with HoltTollett, P.C. professionalism and courtesy and prompt service have been a high point. It has been a pleasure working with the staff at HoltTollett, P.C.
Kristine T.

“Impressed me since day one…”
You guys work really hard and have impressed me since day one…keep up the good work.
Myron B.

“Professional service and personal attention…”
We have been associated with HoltTollett for many years. We continue to be pleased with the professional service and personal attention from the attorneys and staff.

Sue Z.
Board of Director

“The Best!”
You and your team are the best!

Donavon S.
Board President

“Dedicated service to my Association.”
I would like to thank you for your dedicated service to my Associations. I look forward to many more years of working together as a team.
Patricia O.

“Above and beyond service…
It has been a privilege to work with HoltTollett and I am very thankful for all the help with each case, with each call. Your Firm’s expertise has been incredible and the above and beyond service has been outstanding! It has been a great experience! Thank you for everything!

Jessica S.
Escalated Account Auditor

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