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HoltTollett, P.C. has represented property owners association for over 30 years. Property owners association law has been the firm’s sole focus and practice area for the last two decades.

The attorneys at HoltTollett, P.C. have abundant legal experience in property owners association matters. This means that your property owners association will receive expert legal advice from tried-and-true sources and methodology.

Our Team

HoltTollett, P.C.’s singular focus on property owners association law for so many years has allowed the Firm’s attorneys and paralegals to:

  • Gain an extremely high level of expertise and experience in all areas of property owners association law.
  • Discover through a process of elimination the legal strategies that are the most effective and efficient for resolving maintenance assessment and deed restriction enforcement matters.
  • Create a wealth of computer systems that promote extreme levels of efficiency and responsiveness when resolving maintenance assessment and deed restriction enforcement matters.
  • Avoid the internal conflicts, inefficiencies and politics that can occur in law firms with multiple practice areas that compete against each other for revenue and prestige.

Legal Services

HoltTollett, P.C. provides complete, turn-key legal services to property owners associations. The Firm’s attorneys are skilled in every area of property owners association law, including:

  • creating and amending deed restrictions, bylaws, and all other governing documents.
  • serving as corporate counsel.
  • providing written legal opinions.
  • collecting maintenance assessments.
  • enforcing deed restrictions.
  • drafting, negotiating, and reviewing contracts.
  • creating and annexing subdivisions.

HoltTollett, P.C. also monitors legislative changes impacting property owners associations and provides updates to property owners associations and their management companies on legislative matters.


“I came to the best.”

The Board has given me authority to choose an Attorney to provide the opinion, so I came to the best.
Kathleen T.

“Worth its weight in gold.”

It’s really the greatest gift in the world having such a wonderful firm… your work is worth its weight in gold.
Laura H.

“Impressed me since day one…”

You guys work really hard and have impressed me since day one…keep up the good work.
Myron B.


HoltTollett, P.C. is committed to the property owners association industry. As a part of our commitment, we place a high value on education. In an industry that continues to be highly regulated, board members and managers need to be familiar with basic laws and concepts in order to successfully operate their communities.

HoltTollett, P.C. is pleased to provide the following resources, not just to our clients, but to anyone who wants to stay on top of the ever-changing laws and learn about the property owners association industry.

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